Web Application

A website design as unique as your business

Content Management System and Database driven

Dynamic User Interaction

Allow non-technical editors and authors to easily and quickly publish their content through WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing tools

High levels of user access security and website accessibility standards

Optimized search engine publishing (SEO Website Structure)

Seamlessly adapted for maximum flexibility and integrity

Collecting visitor details, Statistics and analytics

Banners, Blogging, Forum, Polling and FAQ modules

Full Social Media Integration to Enhance Interactivity and Brand Reach

Allow revenue streams process to monetize the online content, such as: Advertising, Affiliate marketing, Subscription and Participation

3rd party system Integration for streamlined administration, data gathering and enhanced customer management

Multimedia Richness of Content and Content Depths

Web design and layout (personalized template generation)

Multi languages

Integrate AJAX and Web 2.0 Functionalities

Mobile Application

Design and develop a Mobile app to meet your business goals & objectives

Cross-platform development and deployment

Develop native distribution format of each platform: iOS, Android and HTML5

Link your Web presence to your business strategy

Develop and implement Web Services

Social Media

Counsel on the socializing of the solution into your business

Develop social media marketing tools

Implement social media platforms from websites to mobile apps.

Campaigns and Engagement in the social web

Implement functional building blocks: 

- Identity, Groups and Relationships

- Conversations, Sharing and  Presence

Web Services

Services Custom-made to your Needs

Our goal to meet all your business needs

Advice on wider internet-related issues

Framing contents for your website

Define a program of manageable and affordable developments

Design and develop a web solution to meet your business goals & objectives


SEM / SEO - Internet Marketing

We help you monetize your content in the digital world

Content Personalization and Segmentation

Lead Scoring

Multivariate testing

Web Analytics

Campaign and Conversion Management

E-mail Marketing

Contact Management

Marketing Automation